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Children’s Dentistry in Airdrie

At Creekside Dental Care, we provide children’s dentistry* in Airdrie and our neighboring communities of Irricana, Crossfield, and Didsbury. Dr. Arman Sonuhi is dedicated to providing gentle care for children as young as six months old.

Our dentist is experienced in the treatment and prevention of all common dental conditions that affect children, including decay that can be a result of sleeping with a bottle or excess sugar intake.  He addresses these issues early on by educating the whole family on proper home dental care and applying preventive treatments to avoid further problems.   

Your Child’s First Experience

While Dr. Sonuhi treats existing dental conditions that can arise in infancy, your child’s first official introduction to their new dentist is typically scheduled at around two to three years of age. We call this their “happy visit” and is an opportunity for them to have their smile celebrated and evaluated in a stress-free environment. Our dentist will explain how special and important their smile is and will attempt to count their teeth if tolerated by your child.

Growing with Your Child

As your child matures, Dr. Sonuhi will help you guide them in choosing healthy habits that preserve the strength and beauty of their smiles. If they need their teeth straightened or have bite issues, a referral to an experienced Orthodontist can be made. Alternatively we offer Invisalign® clear braces in Airdrie for mature teens that can comply with the strict guidelines for using removable braces.


Building Relationships Built on Trust

Creekside Dental Care is committed to earning your trust. We understand that you want your child’s smile to be healthy and beautiful and can accommodate virtually any of your child’s dental needs. Dr. Sonuhi believes that one size does not fit all and tailors his treatment to the maturity level and tolerance of his young patients.

If you are seeking a children’s dentistry provider in Airdrie, Irricana, Crossfield, or Didsbury, call Dr. Arman Sonuhi at Creekside Dental Care today for a consultation.


*A referral to a Pedodontist maybe required and will be discussed with you in detail during your visit.


                                                        All procedures performed by general dentist.



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