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Dental Cleaning and Prevention for a Healthy, Confident Smile

How well do you care for your teeth and gums? Do you brush and floss your teeth as directed by your dentist? Do you visit a dentist every six months for professional cleaning? Preventive dental care is the most cost-effective way of protecting your smile from gum disease, decay, and other problems. 

Are you up to date with dental cleanings (oral prophylaxis) in Airdrie, Alberta? If not, schedule an appointment with Creekside Dental Care. Dr. Andres Marquez Guzman and the team offer dental cleanings and other preventive services to keep your smile happy and healthy. 

Preventive dental cleanings: The second line of treatment

Our office wants to ensure all our patients, from young to old, enjoy optimal oral health. We offer high-quality preventive dental care to prevent oral problems rather than wait for them to occur and treat them. 

One way we keep your smile in tip-top condition is through routine dental cleanings. Although you brush and floss your teeth at home, every mouth has “trouble spots” that are inaccessible with at-home dental tools. Over time, these hard-to-reach areas accumulate plaque and tartar (dental calculus) that cause gum disease, decay, bad breath, etc. 

During professional dental cleanings, the dental hygienist uses special skills and tools to clean all areas of your mouth, including spaces between teeth and just beneath the gum line. The dentist concludes this process by polishing your teeth with gritty toothpaste for a smooth, shiny finish. 

Benefits of oral hygiene benefits

Dental cleanings reach those hard-to-access areas of the mouth where your toothbrush can’t. Professional dental cleanings offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Prevent gum disease and decay
  • Keep your breath fresh
  • Protect your overall well-being
  • Remove surface stains and unsightly plaque to keep your smile beautiful
  • Prevent costly dental treatments

After your dental cleaning, we educate you on proper oral hygiene practices to keep your smile healthy. In the case of children, we use age-appropriate language to ensure we don’t confuse them with dental jargon. Our objective is to equip your little ones with the appropriate dental arsenal to take control of their oral health.

Schedule your oral hygiene visit today!

The age-old adage, “prevention is better than cure,” still holds true in dental care. If you observe good oral hygiene and visit us regularly, you’ll prevent almost every dental problem.

Are you due for a dental cleaning in Airdrie, Alberta? Call (587) 600-1089 to reserve an appointment with Creekside Dental Care. Let’s take good care of your smile and oral health. 

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