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Achieve Your Brightest Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most basic and cost-effective ways to transform your smile from ordinary to impeccable. Teeth whitening removes dark, yellow, or gray stains from your teeth to reveal a naturally white glow. 

Creekside Dental Care offers professional teeth whitening in Airdrie, Alberta, as a safe and effective alternative to whitening products you may find in the local drugstore. Whether you opt for our in-office or at-home teeth whitening, rest assured the results will be consistent and long-lasting.

Why are my teeth stained?

As we grow older, our teeth pick up stains from coffee, tea, soda, wine, and other foods and drinks with strong pigments. Moreover, the enamel thins out as we age, revealing the inner, yellow-looking dentine.

Other reasons your teeth may look yellow or dark include:

  • Smoking or tobacco use
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Certain medications
  • Dental trauma or infections
  • Medical procedures like chemotherapy
  • Excessive fluoride exposure (fluorosis)

Over time, tooth stains build up, making them difficult to remove with just a toothbrush or dental floss as they become embedded in the enamel. However, there’s good news! Professional dentists offer medical-grade bleaching agents that can effectively remove most dental stains, restoring your smile’s natural whiteness. 

Our teeth whitening options

If you’d like to change the color of your teeth, Dr. Guzman has plenty of options. 

These include:

  • In-office teeth whitening: Our chairside teeth whitening can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in a single appointment. During an in-office teeth whitening session, the dentist secures your lips, cheeks, and other soft tissues to avoid interaction with the whitening gel. Then, the dentist carefully applies whitening gel on the visible surfaces of the teeth. We usually activate the whitening gel with a special light (laser) for increased effectiveness. In-office teeth whitening is safe, effective, and fast. In just one hour, your teeth will be dramatically brighter
  • At-home teeth whitening: We understand not everyone can squeeze an hour or two for in-office teeth whitening. We offer custom-fitted whitening trays prefilled with medical-grade whitening gel. Whitening trays are similar to Invisalign aligners, but you don’t have to wear them full-time. Users are supposed to wear the trays for 30-60 minutes daily, and the results are visible within 14 days. The whitening trays can be stored and re-used when you want to touch up your results

A trusted teeth whitening dentist near meWant to make your teeth whiter? Don’t wait! Enjoy a glowing smile at Creekside Dental Care by calling (587) 600-1089. Let’s make your smile shine today with our teeth-whitening options.

Teeth Whitening

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At a young age, our teeth are healthy white. But over time the enamel coating the tooth is so slowly worn down. Causing our teeth to become stained and yellow, which is why teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular today. There are a few methods for whitening. They include at home and in the office. With in-office treatments, you will see faster results, receive the safest treatment for bleaching the teeth, and yield the whitest smile. So, don’t settle for teeth that have become stained from years of coffee drinking, tobacco use, or just aging. Ask your dentist about whitening options that may be right for you.

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